If you have a project, concept or idea that you want to see brought to life through virtual reality, needs to be visualised and animated in 3D or you need a method of training your staff in a new and highly efficient manner, our Interactive media services will assist you in developing and realising your project.



The best method of showcasing or demonstrating a concept or idea to a client is with a polished and stylised animation or display. Our team can assist you in finding the best method of taking your concept into the 3D and animation space.


Our animation and display services include:

  • Concepting and storyboarding animation

  • 2D and 3D Asset creation

  • User interface creation

  • Sound and musical experiences



If you want to explore an environment, accurately demonstrate a space or give your users a captivating experience, our team can assist with the creation your own virtual reality project.

Our Virtual Reality Services include:

  • Environment and asset creation

  • User interfaces and scripted experiences

  • Sounds and musical experiences

  • Gamification and interaction experiences


When you need to demonstrate a space accurately, explore potential designs, or visualise how that building would look on-site a 3D visualisation is a fantastic tool for communication; Often combined with Virtual Reality services, our team can assist in realising your real-world space in a virtual way that meets your needs.


Our services include:

  • Scene and asset creation from your plans or direction

  • Creating interfaces and real time interactable elements

  • Lighting and beautifying renders for promotional materials

  • Combining with VR experiences to allow users to move through and engage with the space



Modern education through interactive experiences allows a vastly improved understanding of concepts and greater degree of fidelity when training staff and testing their knowledge of the material. If you need to teach or train your staff or students in an interactive way, our team can assist in developing your learning solution.


Our services include:

  • Gamification

  • Quizzes and other forms of knowledge assessment

  • Health and Safety compliance training content

  • Scripted experience creation

  • Scene and asset and sound creation

  • Creating interfaces for your experience

  • Working with your needs to create a valid an interesting way of testing the experience.



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