If you have a new game idea that requires development, a game prototype that requires a team or an existing game project that needs additional resources to reach completion, our team of industry veteran developers will assist you in realising your game projects through our content, design and consultancy services.


Our team has significant experience in creating games for the mobile, pc and console markets and can tailor our solutions to meet your platform, style, market and time requirements.


Game Content is the assets that form a game: art, sounds, music, worlds and settings that transform your game project from a concept into a complete experience.


Our team can create a wide range of content for your game development projects including:

  • 2D Concepts and Paintovers

  • Environments and Level assets

  • Characters and Animations

  • Audio Effects and Music



Game Design is the underlying logic, systems and structure that create and shape the game experience for your audience. Game design is responsible for ensuring that your players are enjoying the best possible experience you have crafted for them.


Our team can assist with a wide range of game design services including:

  • Game Concept, Design document and Pitch creation

  • Prototyping and gamification

  • Level Design and Scripting

  • Game Balancing and System Design

  • Monetization strategies



As you develop your game project you may want to reach out to experienced developers to review and develop your project, give an outside perspective, supply direction or teach and mentor your staff.


Our consultancy services are aimed in assisting you in creating the best possible game project.


Our consultancy services include:

  • Training and mentoring

  • Project analysis and project direction

  • Game direction and production planning



to arrange a discussion to see how our team can best assist your game development needs.

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